adjective /supərˈɔdənət / (say soohpuhr'awduhnuht)

1. higher in rank, degree, etc.
2. Logic of superior order or generality, as genus to species or as universal to particular.
noun /supərˈɔdənət / (say soohpuhr'awduhnuht)
3. someone who or something which is superordinate.
4. Logic a proposition or a class of higher generality than another.
5. Linguistics a term which includes others in its meaning, as fruit, which is the superordinate for bananas, cherries, apples, etc.
verb (t) /supərˈɔdəneɪt/ (say soohpuhr'awduhnayt) (superordinated, superordinating)
6. to place in a superordinate position or relation.

Australian English dictionary. 2014.

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